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December 8, 2010 Published in Choice 2010

House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong Condemns Cuccinelli Remarks

House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong released the following statement condemning Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s remarks that Virginia no longer needs oversight of electoral redistricting under the Voting Rights Act:

“Ken Cuccinelli’s statements that Virginia no longer needs the protections of the Voting Rights Act show an incredible lack of understanding and sensitivity to protecting the rights of the Virginians whom he is sworn to protect as Attorney General. The recent renewal of the Voting Rights Act, with overwhelming bi-partisan support, acknowledged that we still have a long way to go in ensuring electoral protections for minorities and that such safeguards remain necessary.

Just like Governor McDonnell’s recent confederate history month proclamation that excluded any reference to the horrors of slavery, these statements by the Attorney General betray a glaring lack of sensitivity to Virginia’s history and a dangerous attitude toward preventing future Civil Rights abuses.

The oversight of the Voting Rights Act ensures not just fairness but also a level of accountability and trust for the integrity of our political system. Mr. Cuccinelli’s statements are ill-informed and dangerous to the protection of our civil liberties.”