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October 29, 2010 Published in Editorials

A Sense of Accomplishment

This past Tuesday night, City Council voted, 6-1, to roll parking meter rates back to $1.25 per hour from the $1.75 that was approved last spring. In so doing, they have greatly improved the parking situation for shoppers and diners until the new generation of meters that accept cash and/or charge cards is installed.

City Council did the right thing with this vote. They deserve high praise for their action. In our complex society, it is so difficult to foresee the impacts of decisions. When a negative impact is discovered, it is so easy to say that nothing can be done. Good leaders realize that something must be done and do it. That is a sign of strength.

We are happy to add our thanks to those of the many businesses that asked for the rollback. King Street can now look forward to a happier holiday shopping and dining season. We hope that the City, through the Convention and Visitors Association and other sources, will spread the word throughout the region of the rollback. This should have a significant impact in attracting patrons who have gone elsewhere for their shopping and dining since July.