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June 28, 2011 Published in Arts & Style, Other News

Alexandria Resident Produces Web Series in Rural Spain

Pueblo creators Eve Richer and Ben Raznick (Courtesy Photo)

While working as English teachers in Spain, Alexandria resident Eve Richer and friend Ben Raznick wrote and produced Pueblo, a comedy web series about life in small town Andalucía. The show is a blend of documentary and fiction and tells the story of an English teacher (played by Raznick) adapting to the culture of a Spanish farming village.

Filmed in La Puerta de Segura, Jaén, the series is the first of its kind to be produced in the region, an area primarily known for olive oil production. “Foreigners rarely visit Jaén when they travel to Spain,” says director Eve Richer, “so we thought it would be interesting to document our year there by creating a show about it.” Pueblo is a lighthearted comedy which highlights many aspects of the local culture, including traditional folklore dance, the olive oil industry, the town's patron saint festival, and more.

Pueblo is subtitled in Spanish and English and transcripts of the episodes are available online as a language learning resource. Each of the eight episodes is about five to seven minutes long, with a new one released for free on the internet every Thursday.

Raznick and Richer had no crew or budget for the show, so the production relied heavily on the participation and support of community members. Characters were played by local townspeople and music was provided by flamenco fusion group El Niño del Parking, electronica pop duo The Pinker Tones, and guitarist Manuel Kohan. “One of the benefits of living in a small town was that it was easy to get to know people and learn about the culture,” says Raznick. “In the show everyone is very welcoming to my character when he arrives, and luckily that was true for us in real life too.”

About the creators:

Raznick and Richer met and became friends as high school students. Since then they have lived and traveled in Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. From October 2010 to May 2011 they worked as assistant teachers in La Puerta de Segura on a teaching grant through Spain's Ministry of Education.

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