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July 29, 2011 Published in Non-Profits, Other News

More Bricks Installed At King Street Garden Park

By Carla Branch

Last week, the King Street Gardens Park Foundation installed 54 new personalized bricks in the park.

Workers install personalized bricks at the King Street Gardens Park. (Photo: Kathryn A. Brown)

The Foundation has been selling personalized bricks for some time to raise money to support the park, which is located at 1806 King Street, near the King Street Metro Station. People purchase bricks engraved with the names of family members, friends and sometimes even pets, which are installed in the park. To date, the Foundation has sold nearly 5000 bricks and several elements such as columns. They have raised $5000, which has gone directly to park maintenance and upgrades.

“We have room for about 500 additional bricks and still have one column and the canopy areas available for sale,” said Marlon Lord, the treasurer of the Foundation. “We hope to begin the next sale when we have the Park dedication sometime this fall.”

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