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August 19, 2011 Published in Hash

Goodbye, For Now

By Taylor Allen

Intern Taylor Allen, Virginia Wesleyan College.

As the summer comes to a close, reality sets in that I have to go back to school at Virginia Wesleyan, and my internship at alexandrianews is ending. I have had a great summer here, and have learned a lot of useful information that will help me in my classes this upcoming semester and in life.

Reflecting on the summer, one story that stands out in my mind are the series of stories written about the Alexandria City Public School System.  These stories, which were co-written by myself, Carla Branch the content manager, and Alex Hampl, another intern, were intensive and required weeks of putting together information about different aspects of the school system. We looked at many sources of data, from interviews with the school board officials, to data on AYP rates from the Virginia Department of Education. Writing these stories made me see how much truly goes into creating a story that relies on data from many different places. It was hard, but I am glad I got the chance to write this story.

A lot of hard work goes into running an online newspaper. Something such as overlooking an email can result in us not posting a story, therefore not doing our job in getting the news out to the public. I feel as though I have gotten a jump start in my major while working here, and feel very special to have gotten the chance to do so. The City of Alexandria and its citizens have made my summer great. I look forward to working more with alexandrianews in the future.

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