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September 30, 2011 Published in From Richmond

Governor McDonnell Announces Energy Month In Virginia

Governor Bob McDonnell announced three upcoming national energy events that the Commonwealth of Virginia will host in October. McDonnell will kick-off the month with the Governor’s Energy Summit, organized by the Southern States Energy Board of which he is chairman, in Alexandria. Later he will host the SSEB annual meeting in Richmond. The meeting will lead into the Second Annual Governor’s Conference on Energy, also taking place in Richmond. Information regarding the three events is available below.

Speaking about these events, McDonnell commented, “One of the hottest and most important topics being discussed today is our nation’s energy future. I have long argued that we must take an all of the above approach, utilizing traditional energy sources such as coal and natural gas, while also leveraging new sources such as wind, solar and biomass. The three events being hosted in Virginia in October will bring together top state officials and national energy leaders from across the country to discuss and present ideas on important issues ranging from offshore oil exploration, to energy efficiency, to where coal and natural gas fit into our energy future. These are important issues. We must build consensus around an energy policy that will support economic development and job creation. We are working diligently here in Virginia to make the Commonwealth the “Energy Capital of the East Coast.” Part of that is hosting leaders from many states around the country to discuss what it will take to secure our energy future and ensure adequate supplies of affordable, reliable energy in the decades ahead.”

McDonnell will kick-off with the SSEB Governor’s Energy Summit on Oct. 4 in Alexandria. Leading the discussion will be governors from member states, including governors Robert Bentley (AL) and Haley Barbour (MS). U.S. senators Lindsay Graham (SC), Joe Manchin (WV) and Mark Warner (VA), and CEOs of major energy companies will offer presentations to the governors on three key areas: oil and gas development, nuclear energy, and EPA regulations.

Ten days later, McDonnell will host SSEB’s annual meeting in Richmond. The three-day event, taking place Oct. 15-17, will bring together representatives from SSEB’s 15 member states—including governors, policy advisors and state legislators—to talk about important energy issues ranging from carbon management to nuclear energy to coal.

The conclusion of October’s focus on energy will be the Second Annual Governor’s Conference on Energy which will be held Oct. 17-19 in Richmond. The conference will include some of the nation’s leaders in the energy industry, among them the CEOs of Dominion Resources and Duke Energy. Topics of the conference include reducing our dependency on foreign oil, the impact access to large supplies of shale gas is having on our energy future, and what role offshore wind, biomass and other renewables will play in the coming years.

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