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May 22, 2012 Published in City Hall

Alexandria Library’s New Website

Just in time for spring, the Alexandria Library introduced a lively, interactive website that showcases what’s on the horizon as it celebrates its 75th year as a public institution. The recently streamlined site now includes rotating images that appear front and center on the homepage, a new catalog and more hyperlinks that make navigation a breeze.  Aside from an overall facelift, the new site has an array of resources, including 68 extensive searchable databases, with collections that cover everything from culinary arts to military journals.  Finding an article, book or ebook is now much easier.  Users even have the opportunity to submit questions online to “Ask a Librarian,” without a phone call or trip to their local branch.

“The new site is more robust,” says Lynda Rudd, the library’s Technical Services Manager.  Unlike the older and more static site, the latest one provides advanced searching options, allowing patrons to concentrate on keywords, search by subject guides that provide optimal results, and put constraints on search terms.  “It creates tools that allow the community to be more self-reliant and gives power to users.”

The site also highlights events that the library has been promoting throughout the year in honor of its service as a public library, which dates back to August 20, 1937, with the construction of the Kate Waller Barrett Branch.  Additionally, with social media integrated on the site, users can share events or their favorite reads using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.  The site will continue to provide general information and options to renew books, check-out digital books and view staff recommendations.

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