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June 5, 2012 Published in Choice 2013

Alexandrians For Sensible Growth Endorses Candidates For Alexandria City Council

The president of Alexandrians for Sensible Growth, Ginny Hines Parry, announced today that it has endorsed the following candidates who will be on the ballot in the June 12 Democratic City Council Primary: Victoria Menjivar, Arthur Peabody, Sammie Moshenberg, Allison Silberberg and Boyd Walker.

The ASG-endorsees are qualified to be elected to the Alexandria City Council.  All of them have long, strong ties to the community, experience in local issues, good organizational and interpersonal skills and have worked successfully with citizens to solve community issues and affect change.  They have demonstrated their commitment to and concern for our City.  They will work together to change the way City Hall does business and treats Alexandrians.  For further information about these candidates, please visit the ASG website: or email ASG President, Ginny Hines Parry at

ASG wants to remind the public that all registered voters are eligible to vote in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, June 12.  No voter is required to declare a party affiliation.  Voters can vote at their neighborhood polling place.  The polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Recent decisions of the current Mayor and City Council are of great concern to ASG supporters. These are the approvals of the city’s Waterfront and Beauregard Corridor plans as well as re-development in Arlandria.  The plans affect neighborhoods across the city and have serious flaws regarding appropriate densities, traffic congestion, the destruction and replacement of affordable housing, and environmental impacts.  The legitimate concerns of citizens were dismissed and disrespected during the approval processes of these projects.

ASG, founded in 2002, is a non-partisan political action committee, supported by citizens who are deeply concerned about land use, transportation, and environmental decisions made by our local officials.  Issues that ASG have been involved in during its tenure include efforts to stop the beltway connector road from Eisenhower Avenue to Duke Street; save the open space at the former 2nd Presbyterian Church at the corner of Janney’s and Quaker Lanes; construction of the pedestrian tunnel under Duke Street leading to the Patent and Trademark Office; and development along Duke Street.

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