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April 4, 2012 Published in Choice 2013

Allen Responds To Kaine’s Economic Plan

“It took a year, but Chairman Tim Kaine has finally put on paper what Virginia families already knew – he wants to raise taxes on families and small businesses; supports counterproductive energy policies which allow Washington to pick the winners and losers; wants more failed stimulus spending and thinks Obamacare is a 'great achievement’ which puts heavy burdens and mandates on individuals and small businesses alike.

“Unfortunately, Virginians have already experienced Chairman Kaine’s ‘vision for our economic future.’ As Governor, he drained the Rainy Day Fund by nearly a billion dollars and tried to raise taxes by $4 billion as the Commonwealth hemorrhaged over 100,000 private-sector jobs.  And while Chairman Kaine likes to talk about building a talent society, his actions speak louder than his words.  He made – his word – ‘significant’ cuts to higher education, which drove up the cost of tuition and made college less affordable for Virginia families and working students.

“He repeated the same pattern in Washington as President Obama’s hand-picked Democratic National Committee Chairman, supporting policies that made annual trillion dollar deficits the norm, adding more than $4.8 trillion to our national debt and leading to the first ever downgrade of the U.S. credit worthiness.

“If Chairman Kaine is serious about creating jobs he should support the repeal of Obamacare, work to unleash all of our American energy resources, stop the Obama Administration’s attack on coal and approve the Keystone pipeline.  Virginians deserves a Senator who will stand up for Virginia families and small businesses against the harmful Washington policies that will have will have them paying higher taxes, higher prices for fuel, food and electricity and putting our country in more dangerous debt.” – Mike Thomas, Campaign Manager, George Allen for U.S. Senate


As Chairman of the Democratic National Committee…

He was a vocal advocate of the failed $800 billion jobless stimulus

  • Tim Kaine Said the $800 Billion Failed Stimulus Would “Jumpstart The Economy”: “The President and Members of Congress have passed a stimulus plan that will help jumpstart the economy and accomplish critical objectives to get our economy growing again.” (DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, BarackObamaDotCom YouTube Channel, 2/6/2009)

Championed President Obama’s $1.5 trillion government takeover of healthcare

  • Chairman Kaine “Echoed” Obama’s “Call For Congress To Take Swift Action” And Pass ObamaCare. “Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tim Kaine today echoed the President's call for Congress to take swift action to finish the job and deliver hard-working Americans the health insurance reforms they so desperately need.”  (Democrat National Committee, 3/3/10)

Advocated for a big-government agenda that has made trillion dollar deficits the norm

  • Chairman Kaine Called Obama’s Budget A “Blueprint For Success.” “In his State of the Union address, President Obama called on Congress to join him in two major efforts designed to help America win the future: making the tough choices and budget cuts required to reduce America’s deficit and restore fiscal stability while also making bold investments in education, innovation, infrastructure and other areas critical to economic growth. President Obama’s 2012 budget proposal is a blueprint for success in both those efforts.”  (Democrat National Committee, 2/14/11)

Advocate for Cap and Trade that would destroy Virginia Jobs

  • Kaine “I Do Think We’ve Got To Have A Cap And Trade Or Equivalent System.” “Yeah, it would be difficult for me to either cap and trade or universal health care as governor if the feds don’t do it. I mean, I do think we’ve got to have a cap and trade or equivalent system, uh, to start to control carbon emissions.”  (“Ask The Governor” with Tim Kaine, 1140WRVA, 6/25/09)

As Governor of Virginia …

  • Proposed over $4 billion in tax increases during his tenure (The Washington Post, 1/22/06)
    • In his first budget in 2006, Kaine proposed $3.5 Billion in taxes and increased fees (Daily Press, 12/15/2006)


  • In June 2008, Tim Kaine called the legislature into special session to consider a $1.1 Billion tax increase package (Washington Examiner¸ 05/13/08)


  • Kaine’s outgoing budget included a $2 Billion tax increase (Richmond Times Dispatch, 1/22/2010)


  • Shut down over 19 rest stops to push for higher taxes despite hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus funds (Richmond Times Dispatch, 8/21/2009)


  • Repeatedly dipped into the State’s Rainy Day Fund to meet budget shortfalls, withdrawing over $1 billion.  (Auditor of Public Accounts, Revenue Stabilization Report, 2008, 2009, 2010)


  • Virginia lost 100,000 jobs during his four years (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Data)


  • Higher Education Suffered From Years Of Budget Cuts


  • Kaine: “I acknowledge that the cuts to higher education have been significant.”  (Governor Tim Kaine, Address to the Virginia Summit on Economic Competitiveness and Higher Education,” 10/1/09)


  • Out-Going Governor Tim Kaine Admitted The Higher Education System Suffered “From Years Of Budget Cuts.” “But he also said the state faces major struggles, particularly a gridlocked transportation network and a higher education system suffering from years of state budget cuts.”  (The Washington Post, 1/14/10)

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