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May 25, 2012 Published in Letters/Opinions

Endorsement Of Donna Fossum’s Candidacy For City Council

To the Editor:

I endorse Donna Fossum, and encourage you to vote for her, in the June Democratic primary and subsequently in the November general elections for the Alexandria City Council.

My acquaintance with Donna is chiefly related to the Beauregard Corridor Redevelopment Planning and the Beauregard Small Area Plan. She was the chair of the Beauregard Corridor Stakeholders Group that precipitated the City and the five major developers to coalesce and coordinate their redevelopment plans into the comprehensive BSAP that was recently approved without objection by the Alexandria City Council.

Donna’s effectiveness in her civic involvement stems from, but is not limited to, more than two decades as a member of the Alexandria Planning Commission. She understands well the fiscal, the spatial and the demographic elements that are imperatives in considering urban redevelopment and growth. She is an effective civic and community leader, able to keep an agenda moving forward without stifling discussion and debate.

She came to Goodwin House Alexandria twice in the past six months to explain to our residents the features of, and the advantages of adopting, the BSAP with particular emphasis on how this plan will benefit us of this elder care community in the West End of Alexandria. While her interest in and knowledge of Alexandria is by no means limited to the West End, where she is a long time resident, she understands the issues that concern the working class residents and the senior citizens who are her neighbors in this part of the city that has been underrepresented on the City Council in the past.

I truly believe that Donna Fossum possesses the qualities of leadership and civic experience that are needed by Alexandria during the remainder of this decade, and will contribute meaningfully in service on our City Council.

Sincerely yours,
Mike McCaffree
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)

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