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April 25, 2012 Published in Business, Top Stories

New Billing System For Wastewater Treatment Will Begin In October

Alexandria Renew Enterprises – formerly the Alexandria Sanitation Authority – announced that beginning in October 2012, its customers will receive a separate bill for wastewater treatment services.

Currently, this service is included in their Virginia American Water bill.  However, Virginia American Water informed Alexandria Renew Enterprises late in 2011 that it will no longer provide third-party billing services, which necessitated the change.  Virginia America Water will still bill its customers quarterly for the cost of supplying clean water to residences and businesses.  Alexandria Renew customers will receive future bills on a quarterly basis as well.

The new billing system will not go into effect until next October and requires no action on the part of ratepayers at this time.

Customers can stay up to date on all developments about the new billing system and what Alexandria Renew Enterprises is doing to protect the environment and preserve and renew our precious natural resources by visiting, Facebook at Alexandria Renew Enterprises, and Twitter at AlexRenewCEO.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises is dedicated to providing information to ratepayers regarding the change in the billing system. Ratepayers will receive information through the mail and in local advertisements.  Customers can also call 855-549-9889 to speak to a representative who can answer their questions.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises Chief Executive Officer Karen Pallansch observed:  “The decision by Virginia America Water to discontinue third party billing is also a great opportunity for us to provide yet another avenue of great service to our customers.  By giving our customers this early ‘heads-up,’ we want to ease any possible confusion and are working diligently to provide for a smooth and seamless transition to the new billing system.  Although our name has changed, some things haven’t.  And one of them is our time-honored tradition of being a good neighbor to the citizens and businesses of the City of Alexandria. “

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