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November 7, 2012 Published in Choice 2013

Staying The Course: Alexandria, Virginia, The Nation

By Carla Branch

Alexandria Mayor William D. “Bill” Euille gathers with winners of City Council Election. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan)

The voters have spoken: and after all of the discussion about change, they have decided to stay the course. Obama has been re-elected as the president of the United States and won Virginia by a margin of 50.51% to 47.91%; Democrat Tim Kaine has been elected as the new U.S. senator from Virginia and the Democrats have swept the Alexandria City Council.

“Tonight the voters of Alexandria have said that they believe we are on the right course,” said Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, who was re-elected for the fourth time as mayor of the city. “We know we have much work to do and we know that we must listen to the citizens of Alexandria. I am proud of the group of people who ran on the ticket with me and who will serve with me as we go forward.

“I wish to congratulate my opponent, Andrew Macdonald, for running a good campaign. We grew up together in Alexandria: I played football and basketball and he played tennis, but we have been friends and will remain friends after this campaign. I wish him the best,” Euille said.

Euille defeated Macdonald by a margin of 59.53% to 39.59%, or 39,145 to 26,038. Macdonald was elected to City Council in 2003 and 8n 2006 as a Democrat. This year, he ran as an Independent, with significant cross-over support.

Allison Silberberg celebrates victory with Virginia House Democratic Minority Whip Del. Charniele Herring at gathering hosted by Alexandria Democratic Committee at The Alley Cat Restaurant. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan)

There were 12 candidates for the Alexandria City Council: six Democrats, three Republicans, two Independents and one Libertarian. The six Democrats were elected, with newcomer Allison Silberberg the top vote getter and presumptive vice mayor. She got 36,720 votes or 12.30% of the votes cast. Next was nine-term incumbent Del Pepper with 35,145 votes or 11.77% of the votes cast. Then came John Taylor Chapman with 33,676 votes or 11.28% of the votes cast; Justin Wilson with 31,511 votes or 10.55% of the votes cast; Tim Lovain with 31,410 votes or 10.52% of the votes cast and Paul Smedberg with 29,980 votes or 10.04% of the votes cast.

Incumbent Republican Alicia Hughes, who has had a number of well documented legal problems during her three-year tenure on City Council, finished seventh with 25,514 votes or 8.54% of the votes cast. Republican Frank Fannon, a life-long Alexandrian who has worked with Democrats to pass legislation such as the Beauregard Small Area Plan, finished eighth with 25,454 votes or 8.52% of the votes cast.

“I am so proud to serve with this group of people and so grateful for the support I have received,” Silberberg said. “My message clearly resonated with people across Alexandria. We have a historic city with a bright future and we need to preserve them both.”

Justin Wilson served on Council from July, 2007, to July, 2009. “We had a good slate of candidates and a positive message,” he said. “I look forward to serving the residents of Alexandria and to working with my colleagues to move the city forward.”

GOP supporters gather at Ireland's Own to watch election coverage. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan)

Lovain was a member of Council from 2006 to 2009. “I am very excited about serving Alexandria once again,” he said. “We have many challenges ahead.”

Smedberg has been a member of Council since 2003. “I am very proud to have been re-elected to serve the residents of Alexandria for the next three years,” he said. “The message thtat the voters sent was that they believe we are headed in the right direction in Alexandria and that we have managed our tax dollars well. We have more work to do and many challenges ahead. I look forward to tackling those challenges with my colleagues and with all Alexandrians.”


The Alexandria School Board

Voters chose nine members of the Alexandria School Board today, three from each of three districts. In District A, the East End of Alexandria, voters chose three non-incumbents: Stephanie Kapsis, 11,261 votes or 24.56% of the votes cast; Karen Graf, 9,336 votes or 20.36% of the votes cast and Bill Campbel, 8,265 votes or 18.02% of the votes cast. Helen Morris, the only incumbent who was running for re-election in District A, came in fourth with 7,607 votes or 16.59% of the votes cast.

In District B, the central portion of Alexandria, Kelly Carmichael Booz was the top vote-getter with 10,288 votes or 25.88% of the votes cast. She was followed by Justin Keating with 8,204 votes or 20.64% of the votes and finally by Incumbent Marc Williams with 8,116 votes or 20.42% of the votes cast.

The three candidates in District C were unopposed. Patricia Hennig, Christopher Lewis and Incumbent Ronnie Campbell will represent Alexandria’s West End on the new School Board, which will be sworn in on Jan. 1.

From Congress

Former Democratic Virginia Governor Tim Kaine defeated former Republican Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen for Virginia’s U.S. senate seat, which is being vacated by retiring Senator Jim Webb, 1,834,573 to 1,686,204 or 52.01% to 47.80% of the votes cast. “Tonight, after a hard-fought contest, we have been reminded how closely divided our state is politically,” Allen said. “I am still glad we got off the sidelines and into the fight in this pivotal election – advocating for the voices of Virginians.”

Voters in Virginia’s eighth Congressional District overwhelmingly returned 11-term Congressman Jim Moran to the U.S. House of Representatives. Incumbent Democrat Moran defeated his Republican opponent Patrick Murray by a margin of 206,445 to 98,240 to 64.37% to 30.63% of the votes cast.

Constitutional Questions

There were two Constitutional question on the Virginia ballot. The first question, which limits the use of eminent domain, passed by a margin of 74.66% to 25.35%. The second question, which gives Virginia's Governor the flexibility to set the date of the General Assembly's veto session, passed by a margin of 82.02% to 17.98%.

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