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March 26, 2012 Published in Schools, Top Stories

Superintendent Announces New Administrative Team For Mt. Vernon Community School

Alexandria City Public Schools Superintendent Morton Sherman will host meetings with Mount Vernon Community School staff and parents on Tuesday, March 27 to introduce a new leadership structure for the school pending the departure of current principal Tina Radomsky.  There also will be opportunities scheduled for staff, parents, and community meetings after intercession.

Dr. Sherman will announce the new proposed administrative team for the school at this time.  The new team will include Peter Balas, currently executive associate principal at T.C. Williams High and a leader in T.C.'s transformation and Mark Eisenhour, academic principal for curriculum and instruction for the Pathways to Graduation and the International Academy at T.C. Williams.

Radomsky has served as principal of the school since 2010 and announced to parents last month that she will leave the school at the end of the current school year to return to her home in Chicago.  Since that time,  Sherman has worked with staff and community members to develop a transition plan.

“Mount Vernon Community School includes one of the most remarkable and diverse student populations in our city,” said Sherman.  “Mount Vernon Community School has a positive and caring school culture, has offered intersession opportunities to enhance and support learning for all students, and is recognized as one of our ACPS schools with great opportunity to be among our best schools,” he added.

"Looking forward, I am confident that the new leadership team will be poised to take Mount Vernon to the next level even if a possible alternative governance plan is required if the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) objectives are not met this school year," said  Sherman.  Mount Vernon Community School has not met the federal or state standards for Adequate Yearly Progress in over five years, it is completing its third year with a required Corrective Action.  Mount Vernon is listed as one of three schools in need of improvement.

Balas’ leadership and experience with the T.C. transformation and his longstanding commitment are commendable. His leadership contributed to last year’s improved and impressive SOL results at T.C.:  the highest SOL scores ever in reading, writing, and mathematics for our high school.

Eisenhour will join the leadership team at both Mount Vernon and Jefferson-Houston School.

Eisenhour attended Jefferson-Houston Elementary as a student and resides in the Mount Vernon Community School community.   He presently serves as the lead administrator of the newly created International Academy at T.C. Williams.  Eisenhour’s role at Jefferson-Houston will focus on the construction of the new school, community outreach and supporting the Principal, Rosalyn Rice-Harris as she works to transform curriculum and instruction.  At Mount Vernon he will develop extended learning opportunities for students and perform outreach to engage the local community in the school improvement process.

“Our commitment to the children and families of Mount Vernon is enthusiastic and optimistic,” said  Sherman. “The transformation of any school is not easy work; we must work closely together to develop a plan, to create a “can do for all” attitude, and to assure that each child has an exceptional teacher in the classroom.

Several opportunities for staff and the community to engage in discussion about future school plans and final leadership considerations will take place at the school:

Tuesday, March 27 at 4 - 4:30 p.m. – Voluntary Staff Meeting

Tuesday, March 27 at 7 p.m. – Mount Vernon Community School Parent Meeting

Wednesday, March 28, 7:45 through 9 a.m. – Parent Drop off Meet & Greet

Additionally, Eisenhour will be introduced to the Jefferson-Houston community at the scheduled community meeting tonight at Charles Houston Recreation Center.  There will be additional  opportunities for parents, staff and community meetings after spring break.


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