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March 30, 2012 Published in Schools

Superintendent Departmental Reviews Reveal Irregularities In Adult Education Program

Alexandria City Public Schools Superintendent Morton Sherman announced today that possible testing irregularities have been discovered in the Adult Education Program. As ACPS works closely with the State in a review of Adult Education, testing irregularities involving test administration, selection, and reporting were identified for review by the Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Adult Education and Literacy.

In a memo to ACPS, the state office indicated: “A review of the information reported by Alexandria into the state adult education database raises questions about the validity of the program’s assessment procedures and whether or not they are in compliance with the state assessment policy.”

Four areas came under scrutiny by the state: assessment score irregularities, assessment administration, assessment policy and assessment dates. According to the state office, the information entered into the system suggests that required assessments and goal-setting have not been conducted in accordance with OAEL’s policies.

While ACPS and the state investigate this information, the administration will continue to provide high level support for the program through the new adult education coordinator, proper instructors, and test administration. Students enrolled should feel confident in knowing that classes for the next academic session will begin as scheduled on Monday, April 9.

Dr. Sherman and the Alexandria City School Board have been discussing how best to structure an adult education program which meets the ongoing job training and educational needs of Alexandria’s adult learners. Community conversations have been held dealing with the direction of this vital program. As the administration shared with the community in recent meetings, now is the right time to restructure this program with licensed, experienced staff to ensure proper management, reporting, and instruction is taking place for the sake of our students. The transition of the Adult Education Program for the 2012-13 school year, has begun with the appointment of a new Adult Education Program Coordinator, Ms. Teri Barnett, and continuous review of data, policy and program implementation. An employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of ACPS and the VDOE investigations.

“We pledge that the adult education students will receive appropriate instruction and approved state tests this year,” said Dr. Sherman.

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