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January 3, 2012 Published in Choice 2013

The Committee To Elect Scott Gordon Announces The Hiring Of Alexandria And Arlington Based Strategic Campaign Group

Scott Gordon, Republican candidate for Alexandria City Council announced today the he and his campaign committee have hired Alexandria and Arlington based Republican strategic communications and media group The Strategic Campaign Group. The Strategic Campaign Group is a group of seasoned political operatives experienced in every aspect of political campaigns. Mr. Gordon and Campaign Manager Boris Zilberman will be working as a team directly with SCG President Kelley Rogers. When asked about the new alliance Mr. Rogers was quoted as saying “SCG doesn’t work with every potential candidate in every race across America; we work with individuals who inspire us, who energize us, who we believe are the real deal – individuals like Scott Gordon who see that change is needed and have the skill set to implement it”.

Kelley Rogers can be reached directly on behalf of Scott Gordon for any media, communications, and fundraising issues on his direct mobile line at (202) 537-9260. Kelley is an Alexandrian himself and brings his wealth of city knowledge to the team. “We’re looking forward to working with Kelley and the SCG Team, we think the addition is a strong one and have immense faith in everyone at SCG” says Scott Gordon.

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