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June 1, 2012 Published in Letters/Opinions

Vote To Keep Alexandria Great

To the editor:

With the Alexandria Democratic Primary on the immediate horizon, it is important that we all think about our great City. Alexandria is well run. We have great city services. Our infrastructure is maintained. Our garbage pickup is amazing. Our schools do well and in a tough demographic population (congrats T.C. on your latest accomplishments). We have a low crime rate. We have excellent fire and EMS services. Public health is provided to all that need services. Yes, this is what it takes to have a great City.

With this requirement, I encourage every democrat to think about what is good in Alexandria as you vote Tuesday, June 12, and to vote for six candidates that see the broad needs of government. Securing Alexandria’s Future conducted a candidate survey to determine who would stand out of the crowd of 14 in assuring we continue our great City services and be fiscally responsible.  SAF has endorsed: John Chapman, Sean Holihan, Tim Lovain, Del Pepper, Paul Smedberg and Justin Wilson and noted that Donna Fossum and Melissa Feld are also candidates to consider. In voting for six of these candidates we can be confident that we will continue the great City we have today.

Lynn Hampton

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