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February 20, 2013 Published in Other News, Traffic & Transportation

Bike-N-Roll On All DASH Buses


Alexandria Transit Company mechanics and Sportworks contractors spent this past weekend installing new bike racks on the 53 DASH buses that had not been equipped with them. Now, all DASH buses have front mounted, two position bike racks and bikes can travel on the entire DASH fleet of 73 buses and 5 trolleys.

In 2008, the Alexandria City Council passed the Eco-City Charter and adopted the Environmental Action Plan FY 2009-2030. Between 2008 and 2011, ATC did not purchase any new buses due to the downturn of the economy. However, with the 10 new buses and five trolleys ordered in 2011, bike racks were included as part of the order. “This is consistent with the City’s transportation goals and actions incorporated in the Plan,” stated Sandy Modell, ATC’s General Manager. “Retrofitting all existing DASH buses with bike racks and ordering all new buses with bike racks will encourage more people to Bike-N-Roll in Alexandria,” Modell added. The 53 bike racks made by Sportworks were purchased with a State grant from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

ATC was recently recognized for its 2012 environmental achievements for the operation of its new hybrid buses and trolleys by the Department of Transportation and Environmental Services, Office of Environmental Quality. Having a bike on bus program is another example of providing and expanding attractive alternative and sustainable transportation options in Alexandria.

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