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November 1, 2016 Published in Business, EcoNews

American Disposal Partners With Carton Recycling Nonprofit To Boost Carton Recycling

American Disposal Service

American Disposal Services has partnered with carton recycling nonprofit, Carton Council, to launch an awareness campaign to increase recycling of food and beverage carton packaging throughout parts of the DC Metro area. The campaign aims to further boost Suburban Washington’s recycling rate by letting residents know that food and beverage cartons such as those used for milk and orange juice can now be recycled and should be thrown in their Single Stream recycling bin, the same place where residents currently recycle their glass, plastic and cans.

“Nearly 60% of U.S. households currently recycle their cartons, and we are proud to be part of the communication and education effort that aids in the reduction of trash in landfills,” said American Disposal Services’ Communications Director, Anna Wilkinson. “This campaign will help to further boost the recycling rates of the counties we service as well as encourage all residents to recycle their food and beverage cartons.”

“We want to ensure every resident throughout the area knows they can now recycle cartons they use every day like milk, orange juice and broth. This campaign focuses on advertisements to disseminate and maximize the reach of our message,“ said Carla Fantoni, Vice President of Communications at Carton Council, a group of carton manufacturers united to expand carton recycling in the United States through strong private-public collaboration. “We are excited to work closely with American Disposal that’s already doing a lot to help their customers recycle right.”

This awareness campaign is scheduled to last until November 2016. Carton recycling is now available in close to 60% of American households nationwide. Recycling cartons helps reduce waste in landfills and also reuses our natural resources as cartons are recycled into paper products like paper towels, napkins and even building materials. Residents can learn more about carton recycling by visiting

Carton Council

The Carton Council is composed of four leading carton manufacturers, Elopak, SIG Combibloc, Evergreen Packaging and Tetra Pak, as well as an associate member, Weyerhaeuser. Formed in 2009, the Carton Council works to deliver long-term collaborative solutions in order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill. Through a united effort, the Carton Council is committed to building a sustainable infrastructure for carton recycling nationwide and works toward their continual goal of growing carton recycling in the U.S. The Carton Council has successfully partnered with dozens of counties and cities across the country to launch large-scale public education efforts educating and motivating local residents to recycle their food and beverage cartons and increase their positive environmental impact.

American Disposal Services is a family owned and operated, Single Stream recycling and waste collection provider servicing communities, commercial offices, construction sites and local businesses in Virginia, Georgia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  In addition to being the largest privately owned recycling and waste hauler in the greater Washington metropolitan area, American Disposal Services is a leader in the promotion of green practices in Northern Virginia and actively educates customers and the community on how to dispose of waste and recyclable materials through their ThinkBeforeYouThrow® outreach program.  For more information visit

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