December 19, 2017 Published in Holiday Happenings, Other News, Spiritual / Religious

Alexandria Celebrates Chanukah

Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown lighting the center candle (Photo: Wayne Hulehan)

Chabad Lubavitch of Alexandria-Arlington hosted a community-wide grand Chanukah celebration last night at the Lyceum in Old Town Alexandria. Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown was honored with lighting the center candle (the shamash) of the six-foot Menorah. 

They were joined by Virginia State Delegate Mark Levine (D-45), Alexandria Vice Mayor Justin Wilson and Councilman Tim Lovaine. Afterwards everyone enjoyed hot potato pancakes and doughnuts, the traditional foods of Chanukah, along with traditional music.

Chanukah – The Festival of Lights – is highlighted by the kindling of the Menorah each night of the holiday. The Chanukah lights provide us with warmth, joy, strength and inspiration.

Rabbi Mordechai Newman lit the Menorah. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan)

"It is a holiday that enriches our lives with the light of tradition" said Rabbi Mordechai Newman, director of Chabad Lubavitch of Alexandria-Arlington.  "In ancient times our ancestors rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem with the Menorah. Today, we rededicate ourselves to making this world a better and brighter place."

Chanukah also propagates the universal message that ultimately good will prevail over evil, freedom over oppression and light over darkness. Thousands of Chabad centers across the globe staged similar public displays of the Menorah and its symbolic lights. 

Menorah Lighting


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