December 13, 2017 Published in EcoNews, Other News, Traffic & Transportation

Alexandria Transit Company To Purchase Clean Diesel Buses; Plans Future Transition To All Electric

DASH Diesel Bus (courtesy photo)

DASH is investing in low-emission clean diesel buses. The Board of Directors of the Alexandria Transit Company (which operates DASH) has adopted a resolution to purchase clean diesel buses. This policy, which is consistent with the City’s Environmental Action Plan, will allow DASH to procure up to 27 new buses with current funding and more quickly accomplish the Federal Transit Administration’s¬†State of Good Repair¬†standards. It will also substantially reduce overall fleetwide emissions as old buses are retired and replaced with vehicles equipped with diesel technology that exceeds Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards.

Clean diesel buses will be quieter than the buses they replace, are significantly less expensive to purchase and maintain, and will improve service and fleet reliability. As DASH makes this transition, it will also continue to explore full electrification of its fleet as soon as is technically and financially feasible. City Council will consider proposals in Fiscal Year 2019.

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