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Alexandrians March To Protest Alt-Right

Staff Report

Approximately 100 people marched from Alexandria’s Christ’s Church this morning to 1001 King Street to protest Richard Spencer and his Alt-Right movement coming to Old Town.

Those who live in Alexandria have expressed their concern about Spencer renting the second-floor townhouse at 1001 King Street since a Jan. 12 article in The Atlantic revealed his plans to live and open an Alt-Right headquarters at this location.

City officials have received calls from constituents and two people spoke about their fears at yesterday’s City Council public hearing. Today’s march is the largest organized protest against Spencer and his organization in Alexandria to date.

“When Episcopalians are baptized we promise to renounce the evil power of the earth,” said David Hoover, a social worker and march organizer. “And white supremacy corrupts God’s creatures. So that’s why we’re here.”

Marchers represented Alexandria’s ethnic and socio-economic diversity. They sang traditional civil rights anthems such as “We Shall Overcome” and hymns such as “We Are a Gentle, Angry People.” The messages on their signs were as diverse as the marchers.

“I really hope the NPI [National Policy Institute] and Richard Spencer, if they want to be in Alexandria, they have to be tolerant of all people,” said marcher┬áBrian Kelley.

As marchers sang and chanted on the four corner of King and Patrick streets, passersby showed support by waiving, pumping fists and honking horns.

Blueprint Chocolatiers, the shop the occupies the first floor of 1001 King Street, is in no way affiliated with Spencer or his organization. The proprietor provided free samples to marchers and expressed concern about the upstairs neighbor. Marchers showed their support for the business by purchasing chocolates.

The sign in front of the shop expressed the owners’ opinion: “Man’s liberty ends, and it ought to end, when that liberty becomes the curse of its neighbors.” — Frederic William Farrar

Declan Conroy, a naturalized American Citizen originally from Ireland, participated in today’s march. “I’m a long time, well-known pacifist and this is the first time I’ve been moved to march,” he said. “This is just the limit.”

Alexandrians Protest Alt Right

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