April 19, 2017 Published in Non-Profits

American Opportunity Foundation Announces New Senior Fellows

The American Opportunity Foundation announced the addition of Mari Stull and Shari Simmans as senior fellows. Stull will lead the Foundation’s work on Trade Policy and International Organizations, while Simmans will serve as the Foundation’s key lead on Strategic Partnerships, Outreach and Communications. Simmans will also head the Foundation’s project management team.

“Mari Stull and Shari Simmans are known both nationally and internationally for their work in driving policy and building strategic collations to achieve dramatic success for policy makers, governments, and the private sector, and creating alliances that produce results,” said American Opportunity Foundation President & CEO Jim Gilmore. “We welcome them to our projects.”

Stull brings over 20 years of senior international trade and regulatory experience. Stull was founding Executive Director of the Caribbean Agribusiness Association, established the International Council of Grocery Manufacturers Association, and served as director of International regulatory policy for the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Stull has extensive UN and international organizations experience, having served in international posts as a specialist in private sector development. Credentialed as Head of Delegation to the OECD, Codex Alimentarius, and other international trade and regulatory bodies as a representative of the private sector.

Simmans has nearly two decades’ experience in building strategic partnerships at the chief executive level in the private/public sector and has proven expertise in effecting better management practices and organizational reforms in achieving more cost-effective programs. Simmans has assisted elected leaders and associations with media campaigns, winning a national award for communication and marketing. With a background in international and national security studies, Simmans has worked globally for international aerospace manufacturers and continues her efforts in the United States within the private sector and leading nonprofits. 


Based in Alexandria, the American Opportunity Foundation, and its predecessor, the Free Congress Foundation, has worked for decades to shape the discussions around American society, and to offer conservative solutions that promise real prosperity, national security, and American values.


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