October 11, 2017 Published in EcoNews, Other News

An Urban Meadow Is Born

Alexandria's Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities has created a five-acre native managed meadow at the Telegraph Road and Duke Street interchange. The meadow, many years in the making, was created by ending mowing operations in the area and allowing the native seedbank and natural succession to restore the site to a diverse native grassland. The City has managed this site by eradicating non-native, invasive plants and will control the growth of some trees to maintain an open, sunny habitat for native grasses, wildflowers, and other herbaceous plants. The meadow is a refuge for wildlife and one of the Alexandria's designated "Native Plant Conservation Zones."

The City has managed several native meadow sites that originated the same way, an example of a way cities can beautify the environment while reducing the costs of mowing and maintenance.

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