May 24, 2017 Published in Arts & Style

Community Public Art Project “Soar” Launches June 1

Prototypes for the Soar community public art project (courtesy photo)

Nancy Belmont, the woman behind The Courage Wall, Unity, and Be the Light, launches a new interactive public art project called Soar on June 1. The project opening occurs during First Thursday on Mt. Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray area of Alexandria.

The installation invites the public to identify a burden that is holding them back from living their biggest, boldest, most authentic lives. Participants write their burden on a rock. When they’re ready to let it go, they release the rock and its assigned burden at the base of the installation. To symbolize their newly found lightness, participants then hang an origami bird at the top of the display.

As people participate, we expect to see hundreds of rocks revealing the thoughts, emotions and actions that weigh us down and stop us from living big. As the top of the display fills with birds, we hope to feel the community’s collective lightness, inspiring all to become more of who they’re meant to be.

Belmont hopes the project will raise the consciousness of the unseen weights that we carry such as shame, the need to be liked and destructive habits. She also hopes that participants will become more aware that they have a choice about how to think, feel and act.

Soar Interactive Public Art Installation
2213 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301
Opening June 1 at 6:00 p.m.  |  Closing June 24 at 1:00 p.m.

Committed to promoting human flourishing, Belmont creates projects that build community, raise consciousness and spark ah-ha moments. Always aiming to normalize the most vulnerable aspects of humanity, Belmont finds ways to bring the deepest of human emotions to a three-dimensional space.

Belmont’s public art has been featured on the Today Show, NBC, ABC, the Washington Post, Upworthy and more. The Unity Project has become a global movement, with projects popping up in fifteen states and four countries. To-date, 800 people have downloaded a how-to manual Belmont created to encourage the project’s proliferation.

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