October 19, 2017 Published in Choice 2018

Dak Hardwick Launches 2018 City Council Campaign

Dak Hardwick (courtesy photo)

Dak Hardwick, a long-time community leader in Alexandria, today announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Alexandria City Council in 2018. His campaign plans to focus on ideas for growing a diverse economy, investing in education and infrastructure, and driving innovation in the city.

“I’m honored to be announcing my run for City Council. Our community needs leaders with the vision to offer long-term solutions that will lift up all Alexandrians and set the direction for our city for generations to come,” Hardwick said. “I’m ready to provide the kind of leadership that is needed to tackle tough issues so that, together, we can empower Alexandria—for ourselves, for our kids, and for the city we want to be.”

Hardwick has held several key leadership positions in Alexandria, including as chair of the city’s Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee, chair of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, president of the Cameron Station Civic Association, chair of the Alexandria Democratic Committee, and board president of New Hope Housing, a local non-profit committed to creative solutions to end the cycle of homelessness.
“I’ve been proud to serve alongside others in the community to make real progress in our city. As a leader of these organizations, I’ve focused on achieving results for our community in pursuit of our shared values—of working together and for one another,” said Hardwick. “These are the values I will bring to the City Council.”

Hardwick’s campaign will be co-chaired by former Alexandria Mayor Kerry Donley; former Alexandria School Board member Kelly Carmichael Booz; and Bill Rausch, Alexandria resident, Iraq war veteran and Executive Director of Got Your 6, a non-profit organization focused on empowering veterans.
“Dak has been tremendously active in civic affairs, which makes him extremely qualified to serve on council,” said campaign co-chair Kerry Donley. “He has been a leader on the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee, so he knows the fiscal challenges confronting the city. He has been a leader with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and has solid ties to our business community. Dak has chaired New Hope Housing and knows the importance that affordable housing plays in Alexandria. He is active in his civic association at Cameron Station and knows the importance that a vibrant West End can bring to Alexandria. Dak can hit the ground running from day one and represent Alexandria with activism.”
“Dak is the right leader for Alexandria’s kids and I’m proud to support him. Dak will be a champion for Alexandria City Public Schools and is committed to finding the best solutions to meet our long-term infrastructure and educational challenges,” said campaign co-chair Kelly Carmichael Booz. “Alexandria’s parents, educators, administrators, and students will have a champion on City Council and I look forward to the opportunities to partner with Dak to give our students the best education possible.”
“Dak has a proven record of serving Alexandria by promoting the values and ideals that make our city great,” said campaign co-chair Bill Rausch. “I have been fortunate to work with him during his role as Chair of the Alexandria Democratic Committee and Chair of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, and know him to be a man of honor and integrity. Dak has dedicated his life to serving our city while focusing on the key issues impacting our diverse community, including our military families and veterans. As campaign co-chair, I hope to serve Dak as well as he has served Alexandria. My family couldn’t ask for a better leader and candidate for city council to serve and empower Alexandria.”

For more information about Dak Hardwick’s campaign visit www.empoweralx.com, follow the campaign on Twitter @empoweralx and like the campaign on Facebook at fb.me/empoweralx.

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