February 13, 2017 Published in Editorials

Examining A Public Life

alexandrianews.org Editorial

The Board of Directors of alexandrianews.org has chosen David Speck as its 2016 Alexandrian of the Year. How does one evaluate a life of service? Every individual, particularly those who serve in public office, makes decisions that directly affect people’s interests and those interests, depending on the holder’s perspective, are affected in either positive or negative ways.  Such decisions made poorly are the ones one lives to regret and even those made well may at times bring a twinge of remorse. Yet even in this age of alternative facts and the withering influence of social media, we believe that the character of the individual is the one true pillar of a life of service lived well.

Studying an issue and listening to the voices of the people affected.  Evaluating the clear facts, the suppositions, and the often fiercely held beliefs and learning to keep them separate. Making decisions for the good of the entire community and having the moral courage and forthright honesty to make those decisions in the face of controversy and vocal dissension. Having the strength of character to stand by those decisions. These are the truths that stand the test of time.

There are many reasons to praise Mr. Speck, including his history of volunteerism off the public stage. But it is his history of integrity in office that speaks most to his character and to why he has been chosen as our Alexandrian of the year.

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