June 12, 2017 Published in Schools

New Student Reps Selected For School Board

Jay Falk and Betelhem Demissie, 2017-2018 School Board Student Liaisons (courtesy photo)

The Alexandria City School Board has selected two new student representatives for the coming 2017-2018 school year.

Betelhem Demissie and Jay Falk will represent the views of ACPS students  at School Board meetings and some work sessions starting in September.

Betelhem, who is originally from Ethiopia and has been a student with ACPS for the past seven years, said she intends to be a voice for immigrant students in her new position.

“I am applying for this position because I care about my school and its future. Education is very important,” said Betelhem. “Throughout my years a as a student, I have seen an experienced thing that I wanted to change. As an immigrant, I was helped get to where I am today by the educational process, which is why by working with the School Board, I want to improve our school for those like me and others.”

Jay is part of the T. C. Williams Debate Team, has participated in speech competitions and Inspire Virginia’s peer-to-peer voter registration.

“I am interested in this position so that I can provide a real window for the School Board into the lives of students and be a voice to the students around me on the work of the School Board,” said Jay. “I also want to be able to provide accountability for programs taking place in our school and be able to suggest new ideas and policies to better serve me and my peers.”

The two will take up their new positions in the fall.

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