April 24, 2017 Published in Letters/Opinions

White Supremacist Organizes In Alexandria

To the Editor,

I am concerned that the White Supremacist Richard Spencer who has taken residence in our City of Alexandria. Living here isn’t so bad but Spencer is intent on organizing a White Supremacist organization to influence policy decisions made here in Virginia! By not speaking up, I am concerned that he and his organization may be emboldened by the failure of our country to make progress in civil rights, or to turn the progress we have made, back!

The Alexandria City Counsel should be commended for inclusion. But we must speak out against his efforts to influence those of us that may be easily convinced. By not speaking loudly enough, we ourselves may be emboldened by these racists! For example all over the USA in many communities’ police have disproportionately targeted minority communities with stops and unnecessary searches. I don’t know that this is going on in Alexandria, but with Richard Spencer’s influence, it may become realty here too!   We as a community must protect each other especially those who lack “White Privilege” By not speaking up loudly enough, we may have emboldened these racists to do whatever they like to promote their racist ideas right here in Virginia!

Anne Gray Haynes

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