1st Virginia Regiment fires muskets in front of reviewing stand. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan)

Alexandria has held a parade in honor of George Washington’s birthday since 1800. This year, in recognition of the 286th anniversary of the first president’s birth, the parade’s grand marshals were the first responders who came to the aid of victims in the Simpson Field shooting last summer.

Mayor Allison Silberberg greets General and Lady Washington. (Photo: Wayne Hulehan)

The parade also included military units and, new this year, a group of World War I re-enactors. The Ballyshaners also marched to honor President and Mrs. Washington and to remind Alexandrians that the City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is coming soon, on March 3.

President and Mrs. Washington were the guests of honor, joining the grand marshals on the reviewing stand to enjoy the parade, which was the culmination of a weekend of celebrations including a Birth Night Ball at Gadsby’s Tavern. The President and First Lady attended this ball at Gadsby’s in 1798 and 1799.

George Washington Birthday Parade