The Hispanic community prepared traditional sawdust carpet for Holy Week. Photo Credit: George Goss

More than 800 people celebrated Palm Sunday at the Cathedral of Saint Thomas More.  The Mass commemorates Jesus entering Jerusalem on the Sunday before Easter.  In additional to blessing the Palms, Bishop was the main celebrant and homilist.

A colorful traditional sawdust carpet that was done in preparation for Holy Week by the Hispanic community. The sawdust is colored to bring the image of Jesus to life.  The tradition was brought to the U.S. through Spanish traditions which made their way to Mexico and Central America and South America. They are used to extend processions but here in America people don’t walk on them like they do in Hispanic countries.  History has it, it began with the feast of Corpus Christi (Spain) but when the tradition was brought to Central America and the US it quickly become a tradition to welcome Good Friday and Easter processions.