This month, property owners in the City of Alexandria will see the new Stormwater Utility Fee included as a line item on their real estate bills for the first time. 

The annual fee will be distributed equally among the annual May and October bills, with the average homeowner billed $140 per year. Both residential and nonresidential property owners will begin receiving their May real estate bills this week. Properties who do not pay real estate tax will receive a bill for only the stormwater utility fee.

Adopted as part of the fiscal year 2018 budget process, the Stormwater Utility Fee will more equitably fund compliance with new federal and state stormwater mandates by shifting stormwater management costs to the residential and nonresidential property owners with greater impact on stormwater runoff.

The City’s credit policy allows property owners to reduce their annual fee by earning “credits.” The credit policy is being developed in two phases. In October 2017, City Council adopted the Phase 1 credit policy, which provided credits for non-residential properties for eligible structural stormwater management practices and litter cleanup program participation. The City is developing the Phase 2 credit policy that will include a menu of stormwater management practices for residential property owners to earn credits. 

For more information or to provide your input on the Phase 2 credit policy, please contact the Stormwater Management Division  or call 703.746.6499 or click here to learn more about how residents and businesses can help protect water quality.