Dear Readers, celebrated our ten-year anniversary January, 2018. We were the first on-line only local media source in this City. We concluded our opening editorial with the sentiment that “… (We) would love to become a part of your life.” In March of 2009, the first year we gathered statistics, we had 569 unique visitors. Ten years later, we have over 65,000 unique visitors per month, a number beyond our most hopeful expectations.

We deeply thank you, our readers. We are proud of coverage that remains focused on the entire City and all issues of importance to our citizens. Our goal is to continue that coverage and to expand it, all while remaining locally focused to provide the most consistent, timely source for Alexandrians to access news that pertains to their lives and their home town.

Contributions to support AlexandriaNews are not tax deductible. is a non-profit corporation with no full-time paid staff. We serve our extensive readership with approximately 250 news posts monthly on a budget of $3000. per month, running with volunteer hours beyond counting. The unpaid Board has put voluntary funds toward its operation and while we seek to significantly increase advertising revenues over the next few months, we have recently lost a prime funding source. The rapid growth of our readership has made it difficult to sustain current services with our available resources. However, having 65,000 unique monthly visitors has also created a wonderful opportunity to broaden content coverage to include more local business, condominium, and neighborhood associations, things we cannot achieve without additional staffing and tech support.

As the only local news source to provide daily coverage, we ask you – our readers - do you appreciate well researched stories, unmatched contacts and news sources, and hard-look editorials? Do you value getting mobile-friendly updates, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, delivered to your in box? Do you enjoy customized news selection with our Breaking News, Top Stories, City Hall, Courts & Crime, Schools, Sports, Traffic & Transportation, and more? Are you a member of the non-profit or faith community who benefits from free event announcements and free ads?

Contributions to support AlexandriaNews are not tax deductible.


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