The Alexandria Community Trust held its annual Spring2Action, one day of giving to support nonprofit organizations in Alexandria, on April 25. This week ACT released the final report on this year’s event which indicated it was even better than the preliminary results released a month ago.

A total of $1,812,851 was raised for 156 Alexandria nonprofits. This was an increase of more than $220,000 over last year. About $350,000 was provided by ACT through prizes and matching grants from its donor advised funds but nearly $1.5 million was provided by contributions from the City’s citizens.

The statistics over time tell a compelling story. The first Spring2Action in 2011 raised a bit over $200,000 for just over 50 nonprofits. Today the total is eight times as much for nearly three times the number of organizations. Many of the nonprofits rely on this event to provide a significant portion of their operating costs for the year.

Heather Peeler, ACT’s new President and CEO, should be justifiably proud of the efforts of her staff and the numerous Giving Day Sponsors and Community Sponsors who participated. There was a new internet platform to support the day which seemed to work very well. We are sure that ACT’s former head, John Porter, took great pleasure in the results.

It is a wonderful event that epitomizes the generous spirit of the Alexandria community. We take pride that in these troubled times, our citizens come together to back causes that do so much good for so many in need. Kindness and compassion are alive and well in the United States today and you have no need to look beyond Spring2Action to be assured of that.