The November 6th election is one of the most crucial elections in recent years. The future direction of Alexandria will be determined by the outcome of this election. The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce recently asked all candidates to complete a survey of critical business issues facing our city. The Chamber compiled the candidates' responses to help ensure voters are informed prior to entering the voting booth.

The survey questions are derived from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce's 2019 Legislative Agenda. Through the Legislative Agenda, the Chamber has identified its priority action items for the next year and beyond. 

Survey Questions

  1. INTRODUCTION – Please introduce yourself and describe why you are seeking a seat on the Alexandria City Council.
  2. ATTRACT – How do you think the City should approach attracting new businesses to locate in Alexandria?
  3. SUSTAIN – How do we maintain and enhance Alexandria’s position as a complete community with thriving commercial and retail businesses, highly ranked schools, workforce and affordable housing, vibrant and walkable neighborhoods and open spaces for recreation?
  4. CITY PROCESSES – What’s your plan to simplify City government processes that affect the ability of businesses to invest, open, operate, and be successful in Alexandria?
  5. STATE AND REGIONAL ISSUES – What do you feel are the most pressing state and regional issues effecting Alexandria?

See the compiled candidate responses to the survey questions – in full and unedited. The webpage will be updated with the remaining surveys when received.