To the Editor:

Today is the 30th of September and the Ferdinand T. Day School, located at 1701 North Beauregard Street, is still without an identification sign on the street side or at the entrance drive as it has been since the building was converted and the school opened.

If you drive, or walk, on North Beauregard Street, you will see a large two-sided sign that identifies the two buildings, and the tenants located there. Big as life, you will see signs  (both sides) that read "1701 - American Diabetes Association" – not Alexandria City Public Schools, not the name of the school, only misidentification.

One would think that the ACPS Facility Office would have made this correction prior to the opening of the school. Or that at least one of the School Board members who were there for the ribbon cutting would have noticed the discrepancy, especially the District C members.

It cannot take more than 30 days to change a sign – unless you are not paying attention. Not acceptable and needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

Patricia A Hennig