ACPS Enrollment (courtesy image)

By Carla Branch

There are 15,737 students enrolled in Alexandria City Public Schools as of Oct. 31, according to data presented to the Alexandria City School Board at the Nov. 8, meeting. This is up from the 15,493 in the fall of 2017 and down from the 15,781 students who finished the 2017-2018 school year in June. This year’s ACPS per pupil cost is $17,193, up from $17,001 last year.

Fall data is collected each year and submitted to the Virginia Department of Education and to the Alexandria City School Board. The 15,737 student enrollment does not include 58 fulltime special placement students. It does include 329 pre-K students.

There are 837 Asian students, 5.32% of the total student population; 4223 Black students, 26.83% of the student population; 5678 Hispanic students, 36.08% of the student population; 4479 White students, 28.46% of the student population; 31 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students, 0.20% of the student population; 35 Native American students, 0.22% of the student population; and 454 Multiracial students, 2.88% of the student population. This year’s students have 114 different countries of birth and speak 119 languages. There are 9671 students (61.45%) eligible for free/reduced price meals. 4861 students (30.89%) are English Language Learners and 1666 (10.59%) are Special Education Students.