Commonwealth Republican Woman’s Club (Courtesy Image)

The Alexandria Republican City Committee hosted a reception for U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart in Alexandria’s West End, to rally supporters and voters in anticipation of the Nov. 6 election. Stewart briefly stated his America First campaign platform, commented on current events, and then took questions from the enthusiastic audience.
The hot topic was the caravan of thousands of Central Americans who are currently making their way through Mexico with the intent of crossing the border into the US any way they can. Stewart supports President Trump’s efforts to fully enforce our immigration laws and noted that though we are a compassionate nation, there are limits to how much immigration the US can absorb. The audience expressed concern for the estimated tens of millions of illegal immigrants already here, and the associated cost burdens for Medicaid, education, etc., which is siphoning off funds needed for our own citizens.
When asked about his top priority as Senator, Stewart said that Virginia should get its fair share of federal transportation funds, and criticized his opponent, the incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine, for not obtaining this needed funding. He also criticized Kaine for not denouncing his adult son’s involvement in the violent Antifa movement.
Local GOP candidates for Alexandria City Council, Kevin Dunne and Michael Clinkscale, also spoke at the event. Stewart predicts that Republicans will win big in November because the Democrat party no longer has a message that resonates with voters.