Greater Washington Partnership (courtesy image)

Opinion: Greater Washington Partnership

Amazon has created an unprecedented opportunity for the Capital Region—from Baltimore to Richmond—to tell our region's unique and compelling story. Before today we all said, "If one wins, we all win," because an Amazon commitment to the Capital Region undeniably benefits us all. Today, we affirm that Amazon's decision is a Capital Region victory for six reasons:

  1. Amazon's commitment is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to jumpstart the Capital Region economy. The Capital Region is experiencing slow growth—we are a bottom quartile performer compared to other metro regions. Our economy grew by only 1.2 percent over the past five years, significantly slower than the 2.1 percent average of all metros. If the Capital Region had experienced the same growth as Los Angeles and Dallas, households would have earned $5,600 in total additional income. And as a result, our policymakers have fewer resources to meet transportation, education, and housing needs. Amazon's commitment will create tens of thousands of jobs and generate billions of economic activity, reversing these trends.
  2. The gains from Amazon's commitment will be felt throughout the region, creating opportunity for people and businesses from Richmond to Baltimore. Amazon's commitment will not just benefit the technology sector, but businesses and workers in services, construction, retail, and more, along the entire corridor from Baltimore to Richmond.
  3. Amazon's commitment and its ripple effects will diversify the Capital Region's economy, tapping into high-growth technology and science sectors that promise high-quality jobs. The Capital Region's proximity to the nation's capital brings clear, broad-based benefits, but we now have an opportunity to create a global hub for innovation that can compete with any region in the country and the world. Amazon will help fuel an innovation ecosystem, spurring new business creation and new jobs.
  4. A diverse and thriving economy will keep our workforce here and attract people to the Region, strengthening our communities. Entrepreneurs, scientists, and innovators are taking their talents elsewhere. The Capital Region’s working-age population is growing 40 percent slower than other large metro areas. Amazon's commitment and its ripple effects will change the equation, by providing more opportunities throughout the region, ensuring we can keep and grow our diverse and educated workforce.
  5. The Capital Region is a booming, vibrant community with incredible potential, and Amazon will open up opportunities that have long been impossible. We know our story. With the most educated and diverse workforce in the country, the region is home to 53 Fortune 1000 company headquarters, a growing tech sector, world-renowned universities and research institutions, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and the U.S. federal government. But others do not.  As the world focuses on the Capital Region, Amazon's commitment affirms our story for a global audience, which will help us attract global investment.
  6. Most important, Amazon's commitment creates an opportunity to reimagine our future, tackle our challenges, and show the world what an inclusive, thriving, and unified region looks like. Our region came together on a historic Metro funding deal. Our region came together as we jointly competed for Amazon. Our region’s leading businesses and universities came together to form the Capital CoLAB to develop the talent and technologies to power our future. Let's keep the momentum going. #OneWinsWeAllWin and let's deliver for families and businesses of the Capital Region.