Dear Reader:

As 2018 draws to a close, has some significant news to share with our readers and the community. After 11 years of providing local, state and national news of direct relevance to our City, we have decided the time has come to close our doors and shut down our virtual printing press. This was not a decision we took lightly. We have discussed and examined it carefully for the past eight months. In the end, our Board determined the only viable route was to end publication.

We remain extremely proud of our record. We published thousands of articles written by our staff and many thousands more provided by community members and various local government agencies. We helped dozens of non-profits with free advertising and other support.

From the beginning, we believed that the quality of content mattered. We were not a blog but a well-edited newspaper adhering to the highest journalistic standards. There was no "fake news" here.

We also prized our independence. We were non-partisan in every respect. We believed that every issue deserved a close and reasoned examination and that only by open community discussion could citizens and their government discover the advantages of pursuing one course of action over another.

Over the years our little publication grew from a few hundred "unique visitors" per month to over 65,000. Nothing could speak more eloquently to the impact we have had or to the position we have enjoyed in the community.

When we asked for donations earlier this year, dozens of readers made contributions. We thank them all for their generosity. We also thank our Board Members who served without pay and who provided steady guidance and good advice.

We thank our staff who worked tirelessly for meager compensation because they believed in the ideals of the publication and were proud to be a part of a quality news service. Without them we could not have brought this publication to you. They are the real heroes of the story and prove that the spirit of freedom is inherent in Americans.

Finally, we thank all of you, our readers, who let us into your lives these past 11 years. We have loved our relationship with you and tried our best to honor your trust. We wish it could go on longer but "all good things must come to an end" and we are no exception.

We wish you all the joy of the holiday season and the very best for 2019 and the years to come.

Jim Boissonnault, Carla Branch, Rodger Digilio