On Dec. 14, a Texas federal district court ruling found the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, including its protections for Americans with preexisting conditions. In June, Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring intervened to defend against the suit, leaving him and his colleagues to defend Americans’ healthcare after President Trump switched sides and joined with Republican state attorneys general in trying to strike down the law.

“I intervened to defend Americans against this suit because I recognized that, even though the legal theory was far-fetched at best, the suit still represented a real and clear threat to Americans and their healthcare coverage,” said Herring. “Now, thanks to clever venue shopping and the support of President Trump, the politicians who brought this suit have scored a political victory, but I suspect their legal victory will be short-lived. This fight isn’t over by a longshot. I’m going to keep working to protect the millions of Virginians who have benefited from the ACA, and who deserve better than the constant attacks Republicans continue to launch on their healthcare.

“I would also remind all Virginians that today is the final day to sign up for healthcare coverage on the healthcare marketplace. This ruling doesn’t change your ability to buy insurance for you and your family, but the deadline is today. So ignore President Trump and his allies and go buy the coverage you need at www.Healthcare.gov,” Herring said.

If this ruling takes effect and is allowed to stand, companies could discriminate against the approximately 1.3 million Virginians, or 25 percent of all adult Virginians, who have a preexisting condition. This ruling could raise prices for premiums and prescription drugs for all Americans, and undo the Medicaid expansion that Virginia finally passed this year.