Attorney General Mark R. Herring, as part of a coalition of 29 states and local governments, has added the Fourth National Climate Assessment into the rulemaking records for the Trump Administration’s proposed rollbacks of the Clean Car Standards and Clean Power Plan. The Assessment’s findings reinforce previously-filed comments that demanded the Trump Administration halt the rollback of these critical standards. The Assessment – produced by more than 300 federal and nonfederal experts, including representatives from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and 12 other federal agencies – warns that without immediate action, the effects of climate change will severely harm public health, the environment, the economy, and national security.

“Rolling back the Clean Car Standards and the Clean Power Plan would put the health of our communities at risk, as well as increase the already rising costs of climate change for the states,” said Attorney General Herring. “Including the information found in the Fourth National Climate Assessment strengthens our argument and provides significant new technical and scientific evidence of the detrimental effects of the Trump Administration’s planned rollbacks.”

Previously, Attorney General Herring and a coalition of 21 attorneys general and four major cities filed written comments demanding the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration withdraw their proposal to eliminate the national Clean Car Standards. The combined effects of rolling back the regulations would, in coming years, conservatively result in increased emissions equal to the annual emissions of 147 coal-fired power plants or an additional 127 million gasoline-powered cars on the road. Moving the Assessment into the rulemaking records supplements these previously submitted comments.

As described in the Assessment, halting emission standards would lead to catastrophic scenarios for every region of the nation, impacting public health, the environment, the economy, and national security. By pushing forward with its misguided and regressive proposals, the Trump Administration would not only accelerate these frightening scenarios, but it is in direct violation of its lawful duties.