City of Alexandria Searches for Poet Laureate

The City of Alexandria’s Office of the Arts is in search of a Poet Laureate to promote an appreciation of poetry as an art form, promote creative writing and reading of literature, and promote literacy through poetry. The individual will serve as Poet Laureate for three years and receive a modest annual honorarium.

Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. Nominees must distinguish themselves in the field of poetry through the body of work created; be a resident of the City for a minimum of one year and maintain residency through the three-year term of service; must accept the Poet Laureate post as a ceremonial role, which includes presentations of work appropriate for all audiences; and be 18 years of age or older.  

The online submission deadline for the Poet Laureate is Friday, Jan. 11, 2019.   

Alexandria Poetry Contest - DASHing Words in Motion 

The “DASHing Words in Motion” poetry contest will bring recognition to writers, promotes an appreciation of poetry as an art form, and provides inspiration to individuals using the Alexandria Transit Company’s DASH Buses and Trolleys.  The competition is to encourage quality writing by writers 16 years or older, who live, work or study in the City of Alexandria, VA.  The “DASHing Words in Motion” program provides a venue for writers to display their poems.  The participation in the “DASHing Words in Motion” is voluntary.  Selected poets are not reimbursed for submittals or participation in the program. 

The online submission deadline for the DASHing Words in Motion is Friday, Feb. 1, 2019.  

To request a link to an online application for either the Poet Laureate or a DASHing Words in Motion, click here scroll down to Literary Programs.  For additional, visit or email