In the ever-changing healthcare landscape, consumers are more interested than ever about the cost, availability and quality of their healthcare plan. Virginia Health Information has published its Compare HMOs report to help consumers find, compare and choose the HMO that best meets their needs. Over 1.3 million Virginians are enrolled in HMO plans and for good reason as HMOs can be an affordable option.

Compare HMOs is part of VHI’s free Consumer Guide to Health Insurance Options, a comprehensive guide helping Virginia consumers and employers learn about health insurance options.  Based on feedback from businesses, consumers and health insurance companies, VHI includes over 60 measures covering how quickly care is provided, satisfaction with doctors, screening for cancers, providing the right care and more.  With the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period ending on December 15th, this tool is the perfect supplement for consumers making those tough decisions. Key points from this year’s report include:

Members Received:

VA Avg

Better than National Avg?

Highest Rated HMO

Range Across HMOs

Breast Cancer Screening





Timeliness of Prenatal Care





Network Size (# Physicians)




10,155 – 426,906

Premium per member/per month



United HC

$337 - $445

Updates to the web design of the Compare HMOs tool allows consumers to compare plans more seamlessly than ever before.  Note: Performance data for Innovation Health Plan, Inc. was unavailable this year, but administrative and financial data is included in the report.

Virginia Health Information is the nonprofit organization that businesses, consumers, the Commonwealth of Virginia and health insurance companies go to for health information. VHI publishes reports and consumer guides on health insurance, hospitals, HMOs, nursing facilities, physicians and other topics.