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Andrew Adkins Redux

August 14, 2018

alexandrianews Editorial – The Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority announced that it is terminating its selected developer for the Andrew Adkins redevelopment project, Alexandria Opportunity Housing, LLC. Over the past four years, this redevelopment has been the subject of many discussions with the community and redesigns.

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AAA Alexandria

August 3, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial Once again both Moody’s and S&P Global Ratings, the private agencies that rate bonds issued by governmental authorities, have given Alexandria highest AAA ratings for their forthcoming 2018 bond issues citing the City’s strong tax base, good budgeting and generally sound fiscal policies.

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Making Progress Not Just Change

July 20, 2018

alexandiranews,org Editorial: Over the past several months, the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Facility has been in the news. This agency is composed of the Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church and the County of Arlington.

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Raising The Pay, Raising The Expectations

July 6, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial – In January of this year, City Manager Mark Jinks appointed a five-member ad hoc committee to review the pay of the mayor and members of City Council. Salaries for this group had not been increased since 2003, 15 years ago.  

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La Bergerie Fallout

June 29, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial – The owners of the very well-known restaurant, La Bergerie, announced last week that they would not be re-opening their establishment in the building located at 329 N. Washington Street.

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A Swarm Of Graduates

June 25, 2018

alexadrianews.org Editorial: Last week Alexandria’s only public high school, T. C.  Williams, held its graduation ceremony. The Class of 2018 gathered at EagleBank Arena at George Mason University and celebrated some significant achievements.

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New Blood

June 15, 2018

alexnadrianews.org Editorial - The Democratic Primary for Mayor and City Council was held on Tuesday. Current Council Vice Mayor Justin Wilson defeated incumbent Mayor Allison Silberberg by a little over 1200 votes out of over 21,000 cast. On the Council side there were 12 candidates vying for six nominations. Four of the candidates were incumbents.

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Let’s Have Our Cake And Eat It Too

June 6, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial – During the past month, City Council made in several important decisions regarding major projects in the Potomac Yard area.  The first was the acceptance of the Potomac Avenue alignment for the new 230kV electrical distribution line that Dominion Energy needs to bring into the City to meet the projected needs for electricity in the coming decade.

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Springing Higher And Higher

June 1, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial – The Alexandria Community Trust held its annual Spring2Action, one day of giving to support nonprofit organizations in Alexandria, on April 25. This week ACT released the final report on this year’s event which indicated it was even better than the preliminary results released a month ago.

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Ay, There’s The Rub

May 8, 2018

alexandrianews Editorial – Last Thursday evening, the Alexandria City Council unanimously approved a Fiscal Year 2019 Operating Budget of $748.4 million and a $2.2 billion ten-year Capital Improvement Program budget. There were few surprises from those items that were already in the budget proposed by the City Manager a few months ago.

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