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Remembering Patsy

August 14, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Patricia S. “Patsy” Ticer, former Mayor of and State Senator for Alexandria, died last week at the age of 82. Alexandria has lost an outstanding community and political leader whose style and commitment marked our city for nearly 50 years.

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A Night Out On The Town

August 9, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Alexandria celebrated National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 1. This is the 34th year for this event which draws people into the streets to “promote police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make neighborhoods safer and more caring places in which to live," according to the National Association of Town Watch.

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Some Sewer Joy At Last

July 28, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – In late June, Alexandria City Council approved a joint project with Fairfax County and Alexandria Renew Enterprises that will help address Combined Storm and Sanitary Sewer Outfalls 003 and 004 on the southern side of the city.

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Net Neutrality Will Win In The End

July 24, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules to ban "three specific practices [that] invariably harm the open Internet—Blocking, Throttling, and Paid Prioritization". In simple terms Net Neutrality was put in place to ensure equal internet access to all subscribers and free flow of information over the internet. The arguments for and against Net Neutrality are clear.

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Debt On The March

July 21, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – As part of the budget deliberations this year, Alexandria City Manager Mark Jinks recommended to City Council that the City’s Debt Service policy be reviewed and that adjustments be made to some of the limits contained in the policy. City Council adopted the changes along with the FY2018 budget on May 4.

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Welcome Home Lois

July 14, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – The Alexandria City School Board announced on Wednesday that it had appointed Dr. Lois F. Berlin as interim superintendent for our school district. The Board will conduct a nationwide search for a permanent superintendent.

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To BID Or Not To BID

June 26, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Alexandria has two major sources of tax revenue – from residential and commercial properties. It has always been a goal to decrease the residential burden by increasing the desirability of Alexandria as a location for successful businesses, as well as offices for governmental agencies and various organizations. The key word is successful.

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Mobile Health Comes To Alexandria

May 25, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – This week the Alexandria Fire Department implemented the Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedic Program. This mouthful of words has a strong and creative purpose and we will just call it Community Paramedics in this editorial.

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Finding A New School Leader

May 19, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Three members of the alexandrianews.org Board have been directly involved with the Superintendent search and hiring process, two of those members in searches for the Alexandria City Public Schools system.

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Expected But Disappointing

May 10, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – When City Council voted in March to advertise the maximum real estate tax rate at three cents above the increase already proposed by the City Manager, many long-time observers of the City did a collective eye roll when Councilwoman Del Pepper stated, “I am going to vote for this as a maximum rate but I sure hope we don’t raise taxes this high.”

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