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No Flash In The Pan

January 31, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Every year Alexandrianews.org selects an Alexandria citizen leader as our Alexandrian of the Year. This year our Board selected Eric Wagner, a long-time resident and long-time member and chairman of the Planning Commission from 1993 to 2015.

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Winners And Losers

January 23, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial – In November of last year, a report entitled “Getting Ahead, the Uneven Opportunity Landscape in Northern Virginia” was published by the Center on Society and Health of Virginia Commonwealth University. The study was funded by the Northern Virginia Health Foundation.

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Just Compensation

January 16, 2018

alexandrianews.org Editorial –
Query: Are the salaries the City Council and the Mayor receive just – as in simply - a small but meaningful remuneration for the hours they put in as citizen legislators, not full time and in the cause of a greater good, that of public service?

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