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Generosity In Action

April 21, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Alexandria has a big heart and is willing to support that big and caring heart with their hard earned dollars. At its recent seventh annual online giving event, Spring2ACTion raised $254,966 over 2016 for a total of $1,592,459 for 158 Alexandria nonprofit organizations.

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Kudos To Our Police Department

April 18, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Alexandrians, living as we do within a large metropolitan area, are inevitably exposed to the seamier side of humanity in the form of criminal activity. Alexandrians, living as we do within a large metropolitan area, are inevitably exposed to the seamier side of humanity in the form of criminal activity. However, our city is in keeping with national statistics of lower crime rates in most serious categories, something that cannot be said of many less fortunate communities.

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Pounding A Square Peg Into A Round Hole

March 29, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – As we noted in a recent editorial, the private pre-school community has yet to comment on a plan by the School Board to put a large West End pre-school center at John Adams Elementary School, thus necessitating the relocation of a significant portion of that school’s elementary population to a newly proposed elementary school at 1701 N. Beauregard Street.

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March 27, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – Events at several City Council meetings over the past ten days have made us increasingly uneasy about the City’s fiscal fate going forward.

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72 Little Hours

March 10, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – For many years, Alexandria has had the 72-hour rule for parking. You can only park a vehicle on the street, whether or not it is in a residential parking district, for three days. After that a citizen can complain and the police will appear and put a notice on the vehicle that it must be moved within 72 hours or it will be towed to the impound lot.

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It All Comes True

February 27, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – City Manager Mark Jinks presented his FY2018 budget this week. He proposed a General Fund Operating Budget of $712.5 million and an All Funds Operating Budget of $873.7 million.

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Hitting The Wall

February 17, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – This week the City of Alexandria released its 2017 report on changes in its real estate tax base. The impact of new construction and property appreciation pushed the total just about 2.07% higher than last year adding about $1.1 billion to the assessed value of real property. The gain was the worst since the corrections caused by the large economic decline of 2009-2010 and the third smallest yearly growth in the last 20 years.

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Examining A Public Life

February 13, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – The Board of Directors of alexandrianews.org has chosen David Speck as its 2016 Alexandrian of the Year. How does one evaluate a life of service?

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Conducting The Public’s Business

January 24, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – The recent 6-1 decision by City Council to limit the time dedicated to open public comment at the beginning of their monthly Saturday public hearings, while allowing that open public comment to continue at the meeting’s conclusion, is a welcome change to the way Mayor Silberberg has been running Council meetings since her election.

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Our Growing Family

January 20, 2017

alexandrianews.org Editorial – In January of 2008 a number of us who had been involved in local news decided that Alexandria needed an online newspaper devoted to high standards of professional journalism that would publish local news and features.

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