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January 29, 2014 Published in Editorials

A Sure Hand In Every Way

Each year seeks to recognize an Alexandrian who has greatly contributed to the well-being of our community. Susan Kellom’s extensive involvement in so many facets of our City over the past 30 years made her a natural choice for recognition this year.

Most Alexandrians know Susan through her participation in the City’s Democratic politics but that is only the tip of the very large iceberg of her role here. She joined Alexandria’s Democratic Committee in 1984 shortly after moving here with her husband Ben and has played a major role in shaping the organization including a 12-year stint as chairman. Susan also found time to work on or manage numerous campaigns and serve on the 8th District Committee as well.

Susan has also invested many hours in serving the City on various committees. She is a long standing member of the Human Rights Commission and has been deeply involved in the Woman’s Commission. She currently is a member of the City’s electoral board.

Susan also is heavily involved with the non-profit sector. A long-standing interest in the theater has led her to serve on the Board of Metro Stage and a long-standing interest in preventing child abuse and the many negative issues that arise from it has led her to the Healthy Families Alexandria Resource Development Committee.

Alexandria has benefited from Susan’s community involvement in so many ways. She embodies the positive activist citizen who works long and hard to better the City for all. 

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