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October 31, 2014 Published in Schools, Top Stories

Alexandria City Public Schools Announces Enrollment Numbers

Tonight, the Alexandria City School Board was informed that enrollment at Alexandria City Public exceeded enrollment projections by 46 students (0.32 percent). The division has grown by 4.4 percent, or 594 students, from the last school year.

These projections are the result of the work completed by the Long Range Educational Facilities Planning Committee. The City of Alexandria and ACPS have worked jointly to improve facilities planning, accommodate the growing student population and enhance educational programs and services through this committee work.

“The accuracy of these projections has been important for the school division to plan for instructional supports and capacity through budget and planning. This has been a very productive partnership with the City,” said School Board Chair Karen Graf. ACPS currently has 14,157 students enrolled in its 16 schools. Of those students enrolled, 30.9 percent are black, 35 percent are Hispanic, 26.7 percent are white, 4.3 percent are Asian and more than three percent are multi-racial, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander or Native American. The latest statistics show that students were born in 125 different countries and speak 87 different native languages.

Within ACPS, 57.5 percent of current are eligible for free or reduced school lunches. Approximately 28.4 percent of the ACPS student population are English Language Learners, while 10.8 percent of students have special education needs and 9.9 percent of students have been identified for the Talented and program.

A new trend in the data is the growth in middle school and high school grades. This year, the ninth grade at T.C. Williams saw a 15.2 percent growth, bringing the class to 1,028 students. The number of students enrolled in ACPS middle school grades, including grades 6-8 at Jefferson-Houston School, shows there was a six percent increases in student enrollment across sixth, seventh and eighth grade for the 2014-2015 school year. Elementary schools also saw an increase in actual enrollment numbers, adding 249 more students than last year, an increase of 3.2 percent. Jefferson-Houston, the division’s only PreK-8 grade school, saw a 24.7 percent jump in enrollment.

“The retention and growth in our secondary schools is a great sign of health for our school division. These projections help us budget to strengthen our instruction, increase our rigor and support our teachers in the classrooms,” Graf added.

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