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Alexandria Renew CEO’s Essay Featured In New Book On Today’s Most Pressing Water Issues

(Courtesy Image)

(Courtesy Image)

Alexandria Renew Enterprises Chief Executive Officer Karen Pallansch is one of a select group of water industry executives who contributed to a recently published book, The Value of Water: A Compendium of Essays by Bright CEOs. The book features business leaders' perspectives on the value of water and what we need to do to protect and conserve this precious and dwindling resource.

Ms. Pallansch’s essay, “Water – Maintaining the Miracle Molecule,” states that “more than sustaining life and helping to grow the foods that nourish us, water and a reliable water infrastructure fuel our economy, spur job growth and help build stronger, healthier communities.” Ms. Pallansch added, “I was inspired by our work with water in Alexandria. I am proud to be a part of a model community for cleaning and renewing our precious water resource.”

In the essay, she describes why residents, the public and private sectors and City leaders need to work collaboratively and be “vigilant and forward thinking about how we manage our precious water resources. If we are, we can turn a big challenge into a big opportunity for progress and prosperity.”

The book is a project of the Value of Water Coalition, which is made up of both public and private members of the water industry who seek to raise public awareness “on the importance of clean, safe, and reliable water to and from every home and community, and to help ensure quality water service for future generations.”