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May 22, 2014 Published in Rants

Ben & Jerry’s Marketing Strategy To Promote Loss Of Virginity

Ranter: Tatiana Rieloff

I am absolutely appalled over the Ben & Jerry's in Old Town Alexandria and their recent marketing strategy. I went into their establishment and the women are wearing shirts that say on the front- "First time at Ben and Jerry’s?" and on the back "Let us pop your cherry...Garcia"!!!!!! These are shirts that are worn at an ICE CREAM PARLOR and are sold in children’s sizes!! This establishment supposedly speaks to its values being the support of the family structure and yet they are marketing women (young girls and children) losing their virginity! I am simply outraged. I wrote an email voicing a complaint to their main facility and have yet to receive a response. Its also important to note that they (Ben & Jerry’s) recently reached a settlement with a southern California pornography studio to not release DVDs and other X-rated products whose names pay homage to the company's ice cream flavors. Yet, lets make reference to a girl losing her virginity and have the ladies in their company store wear the t-shirts. Am I the only person who finds this crass marketing technique inappropriate?

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